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I'm a progressive Democrat running for Senator McCain's U.S. Senate seat. Join me, and join the progressive movement in AZ!

As of May, 2016, I have suspended my campaign for U.S. Senate. Donation links will no longer work, and I will not be on the ballot. Thank you so much for all the effort and hard work you guys gave to me and my campaign. I truly believe we can transform Arizona into a progressive stronghold, but I don't think I am the man to do it, at least not right now. Thanks once again, and good luck fighting the good fight. -- Lennie Clark

"We're telling the billionaire class of America that their time is up. This campaign is about the fundamental fight for economic, political, and racial justice."

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A True Progressive Democrat for U.S. Senate

My name is Leonard Clark, but you can call me Lennie. I'm a Progressive activist and an Army/Arizona National Guard veteran. I've ran for Congress twice in Republican districts, but I've decided to take my message state-wide to the U.S. Senate because there is a Progressive groundswell that is sweeping the nation. Arizonans need a true Progressive candidate in the race, and I'm proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America!

I don't have a Super PAC and I'm not taking corporate money, so we'll be outspent.

I'm not part of the establishment, so the media will try to bury us.

I'm running a campaign to unite what I believe is a Progressive majority in Arizona.

NOW IS THE TIME to take this bold new Progressive Revolution to the voters of Arizona and elect a true Progressive to the U.S. Senate. One who will stand with Bernie and his policies when he wins the election.

Lots of people will tell us that what we're trying to do is impossible, but they are wrong. There is a real Progressive hunger in this country, including Arizona, and with that fire behind us, we have a real chance! I hope you'll support my candidacy for U.S. Senate. We have an uphill battle ahead, but we can be victorious with YOUR support!

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    Let's Ban Fracking For Good!

    Fracking is a crime against humanity. It poisons our water (particularly the water of underprivileged neighborhoods with little political clout to defend themselves.

    In addition, studies show that fracking increases seismic activity, potentially leading to earthquakes that can damage infrastructure and injure or kill people and animals.

    And of course this is all exacerbated by the damage that oil does to our climate when we use it for fuel. And this issue is a non-started in Congress thanks to the oil lobby's vice grip on the Republican party.

    It's time to end our dependence on this dirty and dangerous oil and ban fracking once and for all!

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    Fight for Marijuana Legalization!

    Marijuana is under attack!

    But you already knew that didn't you? The private prison industry has lobbied for years to keep marijuana illegal so they can fill prison beds, and Democrats in Arizona aren't fighting to make sure we keep marijuana legal.

    Democrats in the State Legislature have recently voted to harm medical marijuana, and our primary opponent Ann Kirkpatrick hasn't been vocal in support of medical marijuana, let alone recreational marijuana, even though it's very popular here in AZ.

    Join the call to fight for legal marijuana, sign the petition!

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    Tell Governor Ducey that Refusing Refugees is Surrender to ISIS!

    In a stunning display of cowardice and ineptitude, Governor Doug Ducey has pronounced to the world that his state of Arizona shall refuse all refugees from the Middle East, because of ISIS.

    By making his declaration, he is effectively surrendering to ISIS and their fear campaign. Instead of being like France, who decided to let in 30,000 more refugees after being attacked by ISIS, Governor Ducey has decided he would rather give up the very ideals that make America great.

    Doug Ducey has proven, once again, that he is an un-American coward who would rather those refugees die in the Middle East.

    I, Lennie Clark, Progressive Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, pledge that I will seek to extend sympathy and grant asylum to refugees fleeing the terrorism campaign of ISIS in the Middle East instead of cowering in a corner like Ducey.

    Join me and other sympathetic, kind-hearted people of Arizona and the greater United States in making a stand for refugees!

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    Call on the EPA and Congress to Save Oak Flat and Restore Clean Water

    Our Native American brothers and sisters are under attack!

    The Phoenix-based subsidiary of a foreign mining company, Resolution Copper, has struck a deal to start mining operations for copper on the sacred Native American land and tourist hot spot of Oak Flat. Proponents cite that it will bring a large amount of economic activity to an economically-depressed section of Arizona, but opponents say it isn't worth the desecration of a sacred and beautiful location that attracts climbers from around the world and is, in general, a location of pride for Arizona.

    On top of that, mining companies have been poisoning the water that our Native American brothers and sisters use for their people and their farmers' crops and livestock. The Navajo and Apache tribes have been telling us that the water is poisoned and they can't give it to their crops and livestock, let alone their people. This is not acceptable!

    I, Lennie Clark, Progressive Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, vow that I will fight against Resolution Copper and fight for our Native American brothers and sisters in restoring their clean water access!

    We're starting with a goal of 1000 signatures, and we are hoping we can get a whole hell of a lot more over time. Thanks for joining the fight!

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